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Hello, I'm Steven Jones, and I guess this is a wiki about me. Most people keep a blog, or apparently Twitter is the new thing. But everybody is doing Twitter, so I thought I'd try something a bit different. And what, Livejournal? That's for whiny teenagers, and I'm a sophisticated whiny twenty-something. At least at heart...that's the thing about being thirty one.

The Wiki

So anyway, I figured I'd put this out there and see how it works out. After all, who ever points people to their wiki about themselves? Nobody, that's who. The weird part, I suppose, is that anyone else can edit it. You don't normally let other people write your blog or twitter for you or mess with your facebook page. Not that they won't do it anyway of course, but that's why I started setting my computer on password when I left. I only want to be slapped by a girl so many times because a roommate decided to be a dick.

For all of you

Just one thing, people. Blogs allow comments. You can comment too. Wikis come with Discussion links -- look at the upper right hand corner. If you want to say something or point something out or whatever, please don't muck around with my pages. These are a record of...something...after all. Just click discussion and put it all there.

And frankly, red font seems unnecessary.

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